Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Property owners have a duty to keep stores, restaurants, hotels and other premises free from hazards. When they fail to fulfill their legal obligations, innocent visitors are put in harm's way. All too often, unsafe property conditions lead to serious, life-altering accidents.

At the Law Offices of Dan Lyons & Associates, we fight for the rights of people who have been injured in slip-and-fall accidents caused by property owner negligence. We fight to maximize damages for clients who have suffered serious personal injuries in West Haven, Milford, New Haven and throughout Connecticut.

What Caused The Trip- Or Slip-And-Fall Accident?

Insurance companies do not pay slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accident claims willingly. They use aggressive tactics to deny liability and sometimes even point the blame at the accident victim. This is why it is so important to have a personal injury attorney on your side who knows how to investigate the facts and get the litigation done as quickly after the accident as possible.

Dan Lyons and our legal team aggressively pursue the facts, searching for evidence in maintenance logs, surveillance footage, witness testimony and other sources. Our job is to prove they knew about the unsafe condition and did nothing about it. We work quickly to gather evidence before it disappears. Our thorough investigations often uncover negligence on the part of property owners, managers and other parties.

If untreated ice and snow, cracks, potholes, inadequate lighting or any other hazardous condition caused your accident, we are here to make them pay.

Learn How We Build Cases To Make Property Owners Pay

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