Recovery From Pedestrian Or Cycling Injuries

Walking, jogging or cycling requires sharing the road with drivers who are not always paying attention to the road or looking for you. In an accident with a car, SUV or truck, the injuries can be catastrophic and even fatal.

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How Serious Is The Injury?

The answer to this question varies in each situation. In the most serious accidents, the extent of the injury may be apparent right away. Spinal cord injuries could lead to quadriplegia or paraplegia requiring modifications to your home to accommodate a wheelchair or meet special needs.

In others that involve traumatic brain injuries (TBI), symptoms might appear right away or weeks later and can include long-term issues such as:

  • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping more than usual
  • Recurring headaches, dizziness or confusion
  • Inability to concentrate and complete/prioritize tasks

After a TBI, it may become impossible to return to your chosen career. Recovery from an injury comes with numerous challenges and life may never return to what it was before the accident.

In the worst case fatal accidents, compensation can never bring back a loved one. It can, however, replace lost income and provide resources for family members.

Answers To Your Questions

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