Workers' compensation**

  • Heart and hypertension claims (police/fireman)
  • Workplace accidents
  • Occupational disease
  • Accidents against employer
  • Accidents involving interstate truckers

Medical malpractice

Domestic animal attacks

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Attorney's fees

In any claim for personal injury or wrongful death, there are no attorney's fees unless there is a successful recovery by settlement or verdict. The total attorney's fee in personal injury or wrongful death cases collected whether by court order, arbitration or settlement shall be in accordance with the following "fee schedule" which is mandated by the law of the State of Connecticut for all contingency fee agreements in any claim to recover damages resulting from personal injury.

Fee schedule

First $300,000.00: 33 1/3 percent, plus costs
Next $300,000.00: 25 percent, plus costs
Next $300,000.00: 20 percent, plus costs
Next $300,000.00: 15 percent, plus costs
Any amount in excess of $1,200,000.00: 10 percent, plus costs

In addition to attorney's fees, responsibility for paying costs and expenses in each matter lies with the client, and generally these are paid from the settlement proceeds.

The total attorney's fees in all workers' compensation cases shall be 20 percent of any and all specific indemnity awards based on permanent disability rating, 20 percent of all scarring awards and 20 percent of any full and final stipulation.

Our firm does not take a fee from any temporary total disability payments unless the case is contested by the employer.