The 3 Ds Of Negligence: Distracted, Drowsy & Drunk Driving

When an accident occurs, it can be difficult to determine the cause. All too often distracted driving occurs while a driver sends or reads that quick text or looks down at a maps app. As commutes increase more drowsy drivers are behind the wheel and despite public service campaigns, people still get behind the wheel after a night out at the bar.

When the negligence of another driver leads to an accident, you need a tough attorney who will fight for your rights.

At the Law Offices of Dan Lyons & Associates, we have been fighting on behalf of injured clients — from West Haven to Milford and throughout the New Haven area — for more than 30 years. When the worst has happened, we are here to handle the legal issues for your family. Our team will guide you through the process while protecting your right to full and fair compensation at each step.

"It Happened So Fast"

In many situations, a motor vehicle accident happens in seconds. What caused the crash? You may have little idea.

Make sure to report the accident and get a police report. This is an initial way to document what happened. If another driver acts strange, it could be that he or she was driving after taking a prescription or while intoxicated.

Drowsy driving can be harder to uncover and does not show up easily in a blood or breath test like alcohol or drugs. If a commercial truck was involved, federal rules dictate how long drivers can stay behind the wheel. A violation of the federal hours of services rules could indicate fatigue played a role in causing the accident.

Protecting Your Rights

While you might hope an insurance company will do the right thing, they have conflicting priorities and must consider protecting the bottom line for shareholders.

An attorney can protect your interests throughout recovery. You may not know how badly you are injured right away, so never take an initial settlement without getting legal review first. Call 203-901-1230 or send an email to set up a free consultation to speak with an experienced Connecticut car accident lawyer.